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Welcome to ETI Christian Tours

ETI Christian Tours has been taking groups to the Holy Land and to
Europe for Christian pilgrimages since 1981. Our focus has been the
spirituality of the trip and sharing the companionship of the Spiritual
advisor who accompanies the group. We want everyone who travels
with us to feel God’s blessing as they return home and have memories
that last a lifetime.

ETI Christian Tours is a division of Educational Tours Inc, a premier student travel company founded in 1982.

Pat Dyson and her husband, Mike Kowatch, owners of the corporation have been leading pilgrimages for the last 28 years and have developed expertise and relationships with people in many countries. Our partners in the Holy Land and Europe will help you experience the best pilgrimage.

“I send sincere love and gratitude for the incredible experience of the Holy Land that you provided. It was a total spiritual emotional and physical experience involving every facet of my being” 
                                                                                                                      Judy L. from Michigan

Pilgrims are not vagabonds, because they are aware of their destination; neither are they solitary person, because they are members of a pilgrim people. They carry only what is necessary for their journey. A pilgrimage is a journey, a “prayer of our feet,” a time of prayer and reflection, and physical movement to a sacred place. Pilgrims go on a pilgrimage to receive renewed spirit, greater devotion, or a closer relationship with God. Pilgrims return to their native land as Apostles, ready to share with other the graces and joy they have experienced!